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Professional Photography services for Real Estate, Architecture, & Interior Design. Residential and Commercial

   For the starting price of $150, you can get the true professional photos for your properties, wow your clients with amazing photos, leading to more showings, and more listing in the future. Taylor Smith Photography helps your properties stand out above the rest. My goal is to provide highest-quality listing and marketing images on the Space Coast to help distinguish your listings from the competition. Using my professional photography services helps your listings get noticed and helps increase sales turnover. Why do you need professional photography to market your home? More buyers than ever are utilizing the internet to identify or eliminate potential homes. Wall Street Journal states that 98% of home buyers who searched for a home online said photos were the most useful features. Listings of homes with photos taken by professionals have about 61% more views than listings without. If the picture doesn't move a potential buyer/renter, if they can't see themselves living in that home, then they'll never book or buy your home. Better composed images with great lighting will always capture and hold the attention of viewers longer than poorly taken photos.

Great photos = Faster Contracts and More Contracts!

Images are delivered through email via Dropbox Link, as well as, a link to my website for you and your clients viewing of large resolution images. Images are generally delivered 48 hours (larger homes with aerials may take an extra day)

Small Properties - up to 2000 SF and/or up to 15 shots. 

Homes up to 3000 SF and/or up to 30 shots. 

**Homes needing more photos than listed in their square footage category are subject to additional fees. Includes additional shooting time, additional photos, additional lighting and more attention to architectural detail.

Homes larger than 3000 SF.
$.07 additional per SF above 3000 includes additional shooting time, additional shots, additional photo editing time, additional lighting and more attention to architectural detail.

**Photographing a 2500 SF home in ready to shoot condition usually takes  two hours. Larger homes can require up to three hours. Photos are usually delivered to you within 48 hours. Larger homes with aerials are generally delivered within three business days.
  • A small travel fee will apply to homes over 25 miles away of Indialantic, FL (32903). Additional mileage will be billed at .56/mile as calculated by Google Maps.

Aerial / Elevated Photography
$100- $150 - In the current market, it's important to make your property stand out from the others. If you want to achieve the best possible sale price, an aerial photograph can not only attract the eye of prospective buyers, but can also increase the value of your property. Save $25 when purchased with interior real estate listings photos.

Luxury Videos - Inquire for pricing

Twilight Exterior shoot
$200-$350 - Price depends on whether you need front exterior only or require additional scenes. Twilight images are taken just after sunset and can really set your listing apart. Twilight images capture "the blue hour" -- showing gorgeous skies contrasted against the golden glow of house lights. These shoots are scheduled, billed and charged as a separate shoot from the interior shoot. Setup begins 1/2 hour before sunset. All interior lights should be turned on as well as all landscape lighting. Great for pool and patio as well as front exteriors.

*Architects, Builders, Landscapers, Interior Designers and Commercial Photos.
Pricing varies depending on a variety of factors, including time involved, number of images, usage rights, travel, etc. Please contact me for a quote.

Checklist: For you and your clients to prepare the home for the photo shoot:

• Mow and rake yard.
• Contain pets in a room with all toys and food dishes but are to run around and play if can be 
• Remove all vehicles from driveways and do not park directly in front of the house.
• Move garbage cans out of sight.
• Remove hoses if out front.
• Sweep driveways, sidewalks and patios.
• Straighten deck furniture and open umbrellas or tie down neatly.
• Clean grill and remove cover.
• Clean pool area, remove all toys 
• For extra appeal, fill planters with flowers and spread fresh mulch.

• Remove piles of newspaper and magazines.
• Make sure all light bulbs work.
• Turn on all interior lights including lamps.
• Turn ceiling fans off.
• De-clutter rooms which may be excessively furnished.
• Turn off televisions and computers.
• Vacuum carpets and sweep hard floors.
• Remove pet toys, dishes, etc
• Wash windows, glass doors, etc.
• Open all shades and blinds.
• Hide trash cans.

• Place trash cans out of view in a closet or cupboard.
• Remove photos, notes and papers from the refrigerator.
• De-clutter stove and counter tops.
• Stow small appliances.
• Hide soaps and other cleaning items.
• Hide dish towels.
• Clear sink of dishes.
• Put away draining racks.
• Organize open shelves.
• For extra appeal, place a fruit bowl on the counter, and display fresh pastries.

Dining Room
• Straighten dining chairs.
• For extra appeal,Add centerpiece, candles
• For extra appeal, set the table.

Living and Family Room
• Hide all remotes.
• Conceal exposed cables as well as you can.

• Make beds.
• Arrange decorative pillows
• Put away clothing, shoes, etc.
• Clear surfaces of clutter.

• Make the bathroom sparkle.
• Hang fresh towels.
• Clear counters of toiletries.
• Clean mirrors.
• Close toilet lid.
• Remove shampoo and other products from shower/tub.
• Remove floor scales, trash cans, and laundry hamper.

• Remove pool hose.
• Turn on pool lights and water features.
• Remove all children’s toys, floats, etc.

Call, text, or email me for more information at
321-961-2628 or Taylorsmith32951@yahoo.com